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Ramblings of a Designer podcast

Feb 1, 2019

Ramblings of a Designer podcast is a weekly design news and discussion podcast hosted by Adan Zepeda (twit: @adanzepeda, insta: @adanz.designs) and Terri Rodriguez-Hong (@flaxenink). Send us feedback!


This week we talked about: 

This video of a bricklayer using Hololens is the future of construction

What campaign design reveals about the race to 2020

The women running for president are breaking the rules of branding

Programming cookbook

The Tried and True Laws of UX [with Infographic]

Artists make world's blackest paint to annoy Anish Kapoor

What’s new and what you can expect from Sketch 53 Beta

Method vs. methodology: understanding the difference

"7 tips to design faster And a why speed is important."


Visual Elements In UI Design: 5 Tips On How To Use Them