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Ramblings of a Designer podcast

Mar 12, 2020

Ramblings of a Designer podcast is a weekly design news and discussion podcast hosted by Adan Zepeda (twit: @adanzepeda, insta: @adanz.designs) and Terri Rodriguez-Hong (@flaxenink, insta: Facebook: Send us feedback!, Support us on Patreon!


This week we talk with Zoshua Colah. he is the founder of UX Library, a website with articles, books, courses, and tools for anyone who wishes to learn UX. He recently graduated from the Informatics program at the University of Washington, and his design work has driven results for organizations such as Adobe, University of Washington, and the Indian School of Design & Innovation, multiple small organizations and has started four successful non-profits outside of class - Dubstech, Humans of Tech, UX Library, and Data Science Library. He recently won the Best in Show Award at the Samsung Hackathon, been inducted into the UW Hall of Fame with Dubstech, and has also been selected in the top 100 design students in the USA for 2018 & 2019 by Design Nation. He now leads design at CryptoBriefing, a premium cryptocurrency news and research website, and recently launched version 2 of UX Library, which he is here to discuss with us today.


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