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Ramblings of a Designer podcast

May 26, 2020

Ramblings of a Designer podcast is a weekly design news and discussion podcast hosted by Adan Zepeda (twit: @adanzepeda, insta: @adanz.designs) and Terri Rodriguez-Hong (@flaxenink, insta: Facebook: Send us feedback!, Support us on Patreon!


Santiago was born and raised in Colombia and came with his family in the late 90's to Florida when things were quite bad there security wise. He has always loved music and decided to study Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Through strange turns of fate and chance, collaborated with a songwriter and decided to start a fitness and wellness online subscription service (now defunct) and long story short, after a few years he unknowingly became a marketer. He then went on to work at a digital ad agency in San Jose, a flying car company..