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Ramblings of a Designer podcast

Oct 15, 2022

This one you don't want to miss, we have Adam Sherman is a long-time San Francisco resident, graduate of San Francisco State University, environmental social justice activist, and a writer who is relatively new to the scene, having mostly done his writing on social media and public service announcements through his activism before embarking on his first published book. With past experience in public service programs and overseas internships, Adam is here with us today to talk about his book, Living Beyond Normal, how it relates to our common humanity and the need to be more accepting of those who are different from us in thinking and behavior, and who deserve all the success and life experiences as anyone else in society. As for chapters, I think it is a good idea that we highlight 3-4 chapters across the three stages of my book so we can give listeners an encompassing insight into its content. My opinion is we start with the first two chapters since they lay the foundation of what's to come, chapter 15 to highlight the struggle of expressing personal feelings and dealing with the real world effects of them, and chapter 18 to highlight the dangers of workplace abuse and the discrimination that comes with searching for work in the job market.

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You can find Adam's book here: